Success Stories

Clinical Research on Myopia Control and Contact Lenses

Prof. Pauline Cho
School of Optometry

Myopia is the most prevalent eye problem amongst school children in the Hong Kong population.  Local Chinese students have a higher ratio of myopia compared with other ethnic groups.

Orthokeratology, which uses specially designed high rigid gas permeable contact lenses, has gained popularity for myopic control (or shortsightedness), especially after the publication of PolyU’s LORIC (Longitudinal Orthokeratology Research in Children) clinical study report in 2005, the first peer-reviewed paper comparing children wearing Ortho-k lenses with those wearing spectacles.  Ortho-k lenses users had slower (46%) eyeball elongation compared to those who wore spectacles. 

PolyU’s well-established clinical research in the contact lens field have attracted international collaborations to assess the efficacy of specially designed rigid, as well as soft contact lenses, for myopic control via randomized clinical trials.