Our researchers' expertise are drawn from 29 disciplines across the University's eight Faculties and Schools. Our projects range from individual academic researchers providing advice to solve a specific problem through to multi-disciplinary teams working with organizations to solve complex multi-faceted problems.

  • Biotech and Healthcare

    Modern biotechnology and healthcare solutions can provide breakthrough products and technologies to combat rare diseases, cure sicknesses, improve food safety, thus building a healthier environment for us. The 40+ research centres and laboratories operated under the Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences and Faculty of Engineering contribute to the leading research and consultancy provided in this area.

    Related departments: School of Nursing, School of Optometry, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology, Department of Health Technology and Informatics and Interdisciplinary Division of Biomedical Engineering

    • Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering
    • Industrial, Occupational Safety Technology and Training
    • Medical and Healthcare Technology
    • Optometry and Radiography Technology
    • Rehabilitation Technology
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine Development and Testing
    • Food Safety and Technology
    • Eye Health Studies and Clinical Trials

    Our project references include:

    • Application of ozone technology in Hong Kong
    • Testing of fat and cholesterol content in dim sum
    • Design, development and delivery of health assessment courses/workshops
    • Development of computational models of lower limb for osteonecrosis (a condition that occurs when there is loss of blood to the bone)
    • Studies on dietary, environmental and lifestyle influences for healthy ageing
    • An evaluation study on the quality of care in in-patient wards
    • Myopia and contact lens study
  • Business

    Modern management concepts, focused corporate and executive trainings help to steer an organization through changes and global challenges to achieve its goals. The services under this expertise area are carried out mainly by the Faculty of Business, China Business Centre, Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre and our Corporate Development and Training Division of the Institute for Entrepreneurship.

    • Brand Management
    • Business Planning, Strategies and Management Study
    • Corporate Governance
    • Executive Development and Training
    • Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation
    • Finance, Accounting and Taxation Consultancy
    • Human Resources Strategy and Development
    • Knowledge Management
    • Policy, Market Study and Survey
    • Project Management
    • Supply Chain and Logistics Management

    Our project references include:

    • Examining the economic and regulatory environment of foreign exchange trading in Hong Kong
    • Review of maritime legislation
    • Customized executive training and management consultancy service
    • Brand loyalty audits and loyalty management strategy for various mainstream retailers
    • Study report on the economic and business trends in the Greater Pearl River Delta Region
  • Construction, Building and Environmental Technology

    Virtually all aspects of construction from land surveying to building and civil engineering design, to actual construction and its management, to repair, refurbishment as well as the operation and management of built facilities are covered by Faculty of Construction and Environment. It devotes its resources in construction and environmental related research and innovations, in order to improve construction and energy efficiency, structural safety and urban sustainability.

    Related departments: Department of Building and Real Estate, Department of Building Services Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Department of Land Surveying and Geo-informatics

    • Bridge and Drainage Engineering
    • Buildings and Infrastructural Facilities Monitoring
    • Civil and Construction Technology
    • Energy Saving and Management
    • Environmental Assessment and Quality Control
    • Real Estate Project Management
    • Recycling Technology
    • Structural Health Monitoring
    • Transport Engineering
    • Urban Sustainability
    • Water and Wastewater Treatment

    Our project references include:

    • Virtual building information modelling for residential building construction projects
    • Feasibility study on modernization of water treatment works
    • Energy audits on hotels and commercial buildings
    • Establishment of evaluation methods for indoor air cleaners for indoor pollution control
    • Calculation of the magnetic field generated by the LV cables in transformer rooms
    • Satellite imaging, digital land use and classification data covering the Pearl River Delta area
    • Investigation of roadside Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels and its impact to Hong Kong's population
    • Various projects on highways and pavement engineering, tyre/road noise impact studies, vehicle emissions measurements, modelling and transport control policies
  • Design

    Design is an integral part of all businesses and has become increasingly important in business strategy and planning. With over 50 years of nurturing design experts in Hong Kong, the School of Design provides niche product development and design solutions to meet industry's needs.

    Related departments: School of Design, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

    • Advertising and Communication
    • Eco-Design, Green Engineering and Manufacturing
    • Environment and Interior Design
    • Industrial and Product Design
    • Social Innovation Design

    Our project references include:

    • Solar-powered air conditioning system for vehicles
    • Implementation of computer-based product development system
    • Engineering design of bio-tech domestic waste application
    • Development of Management Information System (MIS) and business automation system
    • Micro-structural examination of an automobile component
    • Investigation of utilization habits and needs of the 'One-child' households in China for designing furniture products
    • Retail shop concept design using multimedia interactive installation and applications to enhance user experience and personal interaction for a telecommunication flagship store
    • Development of a cup dispensing system and robotic arm for the Chang'e 3 lunar lander
  • Engineering and Physics

    Engineering experts bring solutions to real life problems while physicists analyze the nature. Our multi-disciplinary experts help to optimize products, systems and processes by applying the knowledge in engineering and physics domains.

    Related departments: Department of Applied Physics, Department of Electrical Engineering , Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and Department of Mechanical Engineering

    • Advanced Manufacturing Technology
    • Advanced Materials Research and Development
    • Automation Technology
    • Automotive and Transportation Technologies
    • Micro-electronic and Semiconductor Technology
    • Nano-Technology and Applications
    • Opto Mechatronic Technology
    • Power and Electrical Engineering
    • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Technology
    • Rail Transport Engineering
    • Sensors and Transducers
    • Ultra-precision Technology
    • Wireless Technology

    Our project references include:

    • Evaluation of sound absorption properties
    • Measurement of electro-plating thickness
    • Design and development of electronic descaling for cooling system using high frequency switching inverter and vibration techniques
    • Impact of electric vehicle charging on power system planning
    • Simulation study of photonic crystal fibers
    • Self-sustainable magnetoelectric sensors to a power supply company
    • Acoustic comfort and flow measurement for hair care product
  • Hotel and Tourism Management

    The School of Hotel and Tourism (SHTM) offers high-level consultancy and professional advisory services on market research, hotel and tourism master study, environmental and economic impact study, education and training etc. . SHTM is further supported by Hotel ICON, the first teaching and research hotel of its kind in the world that integrates teaching, learning and research in a full-service environment.

    • Food and Beverage Management
    • Hospitality and Hotel Management
    • Tourism Economics and Study

    Project References:

    • Economic impact assessment for an ocean liner hotel
    • Production of tourism education kit
    • Team building and leadership training programme for managers
    • Surveys on visitors departing from Hong Kong
    • Survey on Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan outbound travel behaviour
    • Design and delivery of executive development programmes
    • Consultancy study on tourism development in specific geographic locations
    • Study on tourism carrying capacity and tourism demand of various Asian cities
  • Humanities and Social Sciences

    Scientific research and survey, culture, language and communication research help to achieve betterment of human livelihood. The services under this expertise area are carried out mainly by the Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences and our research units.

    Related departments: Department of Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy Research Institute.

    • Communication Disorder and Speech Therapy
    • Corporate Communication and Cross-Cultural Communication (with foci on content localization and multilingual name branding)
    • Language Education, Language Policy and Language Assessment (with foci on Chinese and English language education)
    • Learning and other Development Disabilities
    • Public Opinion and Polling
    • Social Policy and Administration

    Our project references include:

    • Professional development workshops for teaching Chinese as a second language
    • Language proficiency workshops for teachers using English as a medium to teach non-language subjects
    • Telephone and public opinion survey/study on various topics e.g. focus group studies on the long-term housing strategy in Hong Kong
    • Public opinion survey on MPF
  • Information and Communication Technology

    IT-enabled technology and applications are widely used to realize innovations and improve business process. Corporations' IT deployment ability becomes an important asset for building strategic advantage.

    Related departments: The Department of Computing and Department of Electronic and Information Engineering operates over 10 advanced computer and research centres to provide professional advices.

    • Big Data, Data Mining and Search Engine
    • Digital Entertainment and Multimedia Technology
    • Global Positioning System (GPS) Development and Applications
    • Home Intelligent Technology
    • IT based Management System
    • RFID Technology and Applications
    • Web Enabling Technology
    • Wireless and Communication Technology

    Our project references include:

    • Design of the next generation smart card wallet system
    • Development of e-marketplace server
    • Development of an Internet-based land/property management system
    • Designing of intelligent home system
    • Software process assessment
    • Web-based contact management system
    • Review and advise on software techniques for VMware memory caching
    • Study of the feasibility of applying computer-vision techniques to escalator monitoring
  • Textiles and Fashion

    Institute of Textiles and Clothing provides a wide range of consultancy services to industry in areas of technological advancement, product and process development, quality management, technical investigation and tailor-made training programmes. It is further supported by over 10 laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment on textile testing and research.

    • Clothing Measurement and Technology
    • Fabric Sensing Technology
    • Fashion Design
    • Materials Technology and Engineering
    • Testing Methodology and Instrumentation
    • Textiles, Clothing Research and Development

    Our project references include:

    • Development of wrinkle-resistant fabrics
    • Management optimization for garment companies
    • Development and dry spinning of shape memory polymers ("SMP") and testing of resulting fibers for specific garment uses
    • Productivity improvement study for garment manufacturers
    • Fashion design training course
    • Smart textiles and their applications
    • Uniform design for government departments and corporations
    • Measurement of the thermal and moisture management properties