• Contract Research

    Development of new knowledge and application to meet certain functional requirements

    State-of-the-art Laboratories
    • Advanced research and development (R&D)
    • Development of new technologies, processes or methods
  • Engineering and Technical Consultancy

    Problem solving with engineering solution and technical feasibility.

    Construction Virtual Prototyping Technology
    • Building and civil engineering services
    • Environmental impact assessment and studies
    • Laboratory testing
    • Mechanical and electrical engineering studies
    • Technical advice and expert opinion
  • Product Design and Development

    Injecting novel and creative ideas to product design and development for market excellence. – The First Ever Digital Database of Asian Head and Face Shapes
    • Industrial design and CAD / CAM applications
    • Mechanical, electronic engineering design
    • Multimedia production
    • Optical components and system design
    • Product re-engineering, simulations and compliance testing
    • Software and multimedia design
  • Automation and Information Technology

    Improving efficiency and effectiveness using IT enabling technologies

    Intelligent Building Life-cycle Diagnosis and Optimization
    • Automation system and equipment design
    • Production management and system
    • Project evaluation and feasibility studies
    • IT applications / computer systems development
    • Technology evaluation
  • Management Consultancy and Advisory Services

    Building strategic framework for long-term development with professional management and advisory services.

    • Business strategies and development
    • Knowledge management studies and solutions
    • Quality management and productivity enhancement
  • Survey and Study

    Gathering empirical data for analyses and developing long-term policy.

    Evaluation Studies for the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged
    • Customer surveys
    • Economic, social and policy studies
    • Market research and feasibility studies
    • Statistical analysis
  • Corporate Development and Training

    Providing customized trainings and executive development programmes to support businesses to achieve sustainable growth.

    • Executive and professional training
    • Customized training and management consultancy for corporations in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland
    • Professional language training and consultancy